Guess I’ll start from the beginning. I really wanted to test Raspberry Pi CM4 8GB for one of my projects (will add a link later).

As it’s very hard to find it available in stores (at the beginning of 2021), I had to do it myself.

As a donor, I took Raspberry Pi 4 8GB because the 8GB (64Gbit) chip is hard to find too (by a piece, I mean; if you need 1000x, then it’s possible to buy).

I managed to solder the memory from the Raspberry Pi 4 to CM4. And I decided to experiment a bit.

By the way, I used a cheap Lukey 702 soldering station. And a timer to follow temperature profiles (I have read about it on the internet). To be honest, this is my first reballing experience.

Unfortunately, 16GB chips are also not available by a piece. But I managed to buy 3GB chips.

Raspberry Pi successfully started with the chip MT53E768M32D4DT-053 AIT:E

And it shows me 3GB at the start:

Now I have a really unique Raspberry Pi 4 with 3GB of RAM.

System shows only 856MB of RAM available though. I even tried to solder the chip again, but the same:

So… You can call it a failure. But nevertheless, I think the whole project was a success. Memory passes all tests. I got a lot of experience. And perhaps with a firmware update, Raspberry will see 3GB, or I will solder 8GB or even 16GB chip one day.

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9 months ago

Так что там с СМ4? Всё работает? А то в статье есть рассказ, о том что заменили, а итога нет.

Last edited 9 months ago by Роман
Reply to  Ivan Kuleshov
9 months ago

Благодарю за ответ.

jack burton
jack burton
8 months ago

Wow great work ,I am a Pi enthusiast, but the only thing we have in common is, The Pi and the solder past syringe ,LOL amazing stuff .enjoy 🙂

8 months ago

I wonder if the 3GB limit is due to the Raspberry Pi 4 UEFI’s default limit of 3GiB of memory for OS compatibility purposes. You should be able to disable it in UEFI settings.

I think the Broadcom chip supports up-to 16GB RAM as per the info from Pi Foundation.

Screen Shot 2021-05-16 at 01.33.06.png