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The need and aims of this project were already described in the Raspberry Pi Rack Server Mark I article.

After assembling and testing the Mark I, I found out that the Raspberry is not as hot as people say, and it is possible to increase the density of devices without any problems. But I also didn’t want to lose the ability to use fast and reliable storage on an SSD (compared to a microSD card).

This was a challenge.

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I’m glad to introduce the Mark II, 2U Raspberrry Pi 4 server, 14 Raspberry Pi and 14 SSD disks Samsung T5 or:

  • CPUs: 56 ARM64 cores
  • RAM: 112 GB
  • Storage: 7 TB (up to 28 TB per server)
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The assembly is very similar to the Mark I, except that there are much more details. All the same tips are relevant:

  • Anything that can be unscrewed should be fixed with a thread lock
  • Make sure that the wires have no chance of getting into the fan blades
  • Print one or two “blades” together and check how the parts fit together. It may be necessary to change the settings of the slicer. The details fit together with little or no additional processing.

Parts and materials for assembling the case:

~ 248 EUR the price for the platform with fans, excluding the cost of printing and work


~ 2650 EUR the price of the platform (with 19% VAT)

The total cost of the entire server at the moment is about 2900 EUR excluding the cost of work and development. Which I think is a very good result when compared to the ARM platforms available on the market.

Project gallery:

You can download models for 3D printing here:

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Fred W
Fred W
3 years ago

Love this project! Do you have plans to post the files for printing? And did you go with the T7 ssd because of size constraints?

Fred w
Fred w
Reply to  Ivan Kuleshov
3 years ago

Any lower priced options you would recommend for the ssd?

3 years ago

Hola buen trabajo,
me encanta este tipo de proyectos, pensaste en usar discos ssd 2,5 son un poco mas económicos que los T5 de Samsung pero de tamaño son mayores y ya no entraría en 2U, fue esa una de las razones para no usar ese tipo de ssd?
Por cierto, ya tengo impreso casi todo para empezar a montar.

3 years ago

Hi! It is an excellent project! However, I would like to know can I use the fan fix from MARK I with this? ( I won’t use ssd. )

Last edited 3 years ago by Sam
Sven Neuhaus
Sven Neuhaus
3 years ago

Great project!

Here’s a little suggestion:

Looks like USB adapters (without housing) for M.2 SATA SSDs are an interesting option:
Around 4.5€ for the adapter and then 45€ for a 480GB M.2 SATA SSD (in total less than 50€).

Instead of paying 90€ per SSD with housing that is really not needed.

Also have you thought about putting more than one Raspberry Pi on each sled?

3 years ago

Now that you can boot your PI4 from USB (or network):
Will you drop the SD cards and switch to USB boot?
(Around 160€ less is not much considering the 2650€ for this beast. But SSD is far more reliable than SD.)