A small but very beautiful project.
k3s cluster of four Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W

The parts list is very short, but unfortunately, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to get them now (October 2022):

The assembly video on TikTok:


My Home Assistant staging instance. Raspberry Pi 4 with four Raspberry Pi Zero 2W. PoE powered #raspberrypi #raspberrypi4 #diyelectronics #hardware #electronics

♬ Epic – Joystock

Original tweet (don’t forget to subscribe):

And a couple more pictures, enjoy 🙂


As you can see I use SD cards, which are very unreliable. The whole project is done in the first place since it looks beautiful.
I use the Raspberry Pi 4 occasionally (Home Assistant is there now), and the cluster was only made as a proof of concept.

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Jessica King
Jessica King
3 months ago

How do I go about making something like this without a PoE hat (my router doesn’t have PoE)? The cluster hat says it doesn’t supply enough power for the Pi Zero 2 W’s, so how do I get enough power to the hat to power the Pi Zero 2 W’s?

Last edited 3 months ago by Jessica King